cut throat chocolate challenge 

Cutthroat Chocolate Challenge by succulent chocolates

Cut Throat chocolate Challenge (On-site 60 mins)

Your challenge is to build the longest stable freestanding bridge...if you can withstand the sabotage from your fellow competitors 

We will begin your challenge with a short introduction on how to work with chocolate and most importantly set the parameters for how to sabotage your fellow competitors!

Each team will be given the same kit that includes 75 chocolate pieces. You will have 3 opportunities during this 60 minute challenge to bid some of those pieces for the chance to sabotage your competitors 

The longest freestanding bridge that can withstand the weight of our "Chocosaurus" will be deemed the victor!

Each person has the opportunity to enjoy two of our hand painted bonbons during the experience 

Special chocolate prizes will be awarded to the winning team

This workshop is available for groups of up to 12 in the lab or for 100 people on site

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