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There are no limits to what can be created in chocolate!
Add your logo to a chocolate bar or create a custom 3D object in chocolate...let your imagination run wild

corporate custom gifts

 "The property management team at the Richmond-Adelaide Centre wanted this year’s holiday gift to be extra special, as they wanted to incorporate the grand opening of the building that occurred that same year. The property management team asked Succulent Chocolates to use their creativity, and talent, to create five 3D replicas of the EY Tower in chocolate. The chocolate replicas were approximately 2.5ft tall made of Belgian chocolate. In addition Succulent Chocolates provided five trays of their most famous truffles for their tenants to enjoy. 

 Chef Sandra, and her team, ensured that no small detail was overlooked, e.g., the details of the actual building making their way into each replica, personally delivering the chocolate sculpture to each tenant, and providing them a mini hammer to smash the buildings to small pieces to be enjoyed. This was a special touch that created a unique and memorable chocolate experience for our tenants. 

 The management team has received positive feedback from all tenants. The tenants from the building were awed with the chocolate sculptures when they walked into the reception areas of EY, TMX, and Oxford/OMERS floors. 

 When we first embarked on this project we knew we were asking for the impossible. Succulent Chocolates knocked it out of the park. We were truly impressed with how much detail went into the sculptures. I would highly recommend Succulent Chocolates if you are looking for a creative gift idea that is sure to impress."

Oxford Team 

Dr. oetker Chocolate Pizzaria

Because when you make a chocolate pizza you build a chocolate pizzeria
— Dr. Oetker

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