Chocolate Education

The following cocoa documentaries let you explore the source of chocolate.
Acquire full knowledge on cocoa and its delicate, complex transformation into fine chocolate flavours.

Chocolate is not a product; it is the result of a precise process.
Like cooking, it is about combining the right ingredients, allowing them to influence
and elevate each other in order to get the most exquisite chocolate

The secret to a perfect result is patienceknowledge and passion.

Episode 1 - The Meaning of Cocoa

Know cocoa, know your chocolate

Episode 2 - The Origin

Episode 4 - Cocoa Gastronomy

Episode 6 - Cocoa Cultivation

Episode 8 - Fermentation

Episode 10 - Culture

Episode 12: Future

Episode 3 - The Aroma 

Episode 5 - Cocoa Growing

Episode 7 - Post-Harvest

Episode 9 - Cocoa Drying

Episode 11 - Challenges

Episode 13: Cocoa to chocolate