Artisan Truffles

Our truffle line is hand-crafted with Belgium chocolate, natural flavours and coconut oil to ensure one small bite has one big impact.

Our Artisan Truffle collection has a shelf life of 6 months when stored in a cool environment.

Our Artisan Truffle Collection is currently available in boxes of 6, 12, and 24

Succulent Chocolates_Vaughan_Truffles
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Succulent Chocolates_Vaughan_Truffles
Succulent Chocolates_Vaughan_Truffles

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Add a Customized Tag (2”x2”)

Minimum Order of 25 Boxes (Box of 12 & 24) Additional Charge: $1.00/box *Includes printing of tag (one sided)

Add a Customized Ribbon

Minimum Order of 180 Boxes (Box of 12) or 130 Boxes (Box of 24) Additional Charge: $185.00

For pricing information request a quotation**

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