Chocolate Team Building Challenges

The Chocolate Sculpture Challenge (On-Site, 90 mins)

Looking to start a little friendly competition with your team? Our Chocolate Sculpture Challenge will determine which team can effectively communicate under pressure to build the tallest freestanding sculpture made entirely of chocolate.

After a short demonstration on how to work with chocolate, your team will be given only 30 minutes to create and build a structurally sound chocolate sculpture.

Upon completion you must take the nerve-wracking walk with the sculpture to the judging table to present your product. The chocolate sculpture will be judged based on team work, cleanliness and creativity and height.

While the judges convene you will taste an assortment of our hand painted bonbons and confections. Special chocolate prizes are given to the winning team but everyone goes home a winner with an artisan chocolate bar.

Ideal for both small groups of 12 or larger groups of 65+ 



Succulent Chocolates_Vaughan_Chocolate Sculpture Challenge

The Chocolatier's Challenge (On-Site, 90 mins)

During this 90-minute team building challenge, your team’s creativity and communication skills will be put to the test. Your mission: to build your own chocolate business and successfully pitch the dragons.

 First, you’ll start with the basics, each team will be given their target market segment to build their chocolate business concept and brand identity

Succulent Chocolates _ Vaughan_Chocolatiers Challenge

From there, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get your hands in some chocolate. Our chocolatiers will walk you though the process of truffle making. Each team member will have the opportunity to make and take home a box of his/her own truffles. Then you’ll need to develop your
packaging and 2 minute pitch for the dragons

Taste an assortment of our chocolate confections while your team members are battling it out for the title of “Master Chocolatier”

Ideal for both small groups of 12, or larger groups of 65+ 

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