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Alto el Sol Bars - Cherry Mint Pecan


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Alto el Sol Bars - Cherry Mint Pecan

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Website-Shop Page32.jpg

Alto el Sol Bars - Cherry Mint Pecan


Plantation Chocolate Bars are developed with cacao from Alto el Sol Plantation in the depths of the amazon jungle in Peru. Protected by the lush environment of a Peruvian nature park are the 1000 year old Criollo cacao trees, yielding the most delicate cacao beans in the region. The high quality of Alto el Sol beans would be wasted without the work of the “Saavedra del Castillo” family, who have mastered the art of growing, fermenting and drying cacao, for generations. Chocolate manufacturer, Cacao Barry, transforms these beans into the finest organic 65% dark couverture chocolate which Succulent Chocolates and Sweets uses to handcraft each chocolate bar. The balanced combination of fruity flavours and acidity crates a chocolate bar of unparalleled intensity.


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