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Alto El Sol


Alto El Sol

Sandra Abballe

Lost in the depths of the lush Amazon jungle in Peru, the Alto el Sol plantation stands near to pre-Colombian ruins-the remnants of a culture that already knew the secrets of cocoa 1,000 years ago. Here you will find Amazonian Criollo trees, renowned for their file and delicate beans.

Plantation chocolate couverture offers a vintage specific to each year.

Developed from the best beans, the two plantations are harvested according to Bio NOP regulations (products derived from an organic farm: certification according to European and American regulations). The fact that the beans come from a single plantation allows Cocoa Barry to offer products with consistent and unmistakable flavor. The three references that are part of the Plantation range contain 65% cocoa, giving the chocolate a powerful aroma and a strong personality. An exceptional chocolate, this coverture has a character of unparalleled intensity. Its acidity and pronounced bitterness blend subtly with aromatic and notable notes of yellow fruit.

Because every plantation has its own flavours, because every season has its own specificity, the Alto el Sol beans possess a unique and outstanding personality. Bite into an Alto El Sol Plantation chocolate bar this Fall.