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The Chocolate Holidays!

Sandra Abballe

Hello Chocolate Lovers,

I bet it hasn’t even been a week since you’ve heard that holiday jingle: “It’s the most, won-der-ful time, of the year.” Well, it really is. Why? It’s that wonderful month of holidays, parties and Secret Santas.  The best part of this for all of you, would be that the go-to gift for all of the above occasions is chocolate!

The holidays are pique chocolate celebration days. Chocolate makes the perfect gift. Whether it’s a small chocolate bar with a card that you give away to a colleague, or a giant box of delicious handmade chocolates you give to that special someone – everyone loves chocolate gifts.

Chocolate has a larger place in this holiday season than the typical mass-market giveaway would suggest. There are quite a few traditions that can be linked back to chocolate.

It is both a Christmas and Hanukkah tradition to receive chocolate coins. During Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of lights, it is customary for families to celebrate with “gelt” which translates to money. This comes in the form of chewy chocolate coins that come wrapped in silver and gold. In the Christmas tradition, the chocolate coin is said to be derived from the deeds of Saint Nicholas.

Chocolate is also very present on people’s tables for holiday meals. Chocolate creations may even be the centre of attention in some cultures. For instance, ever since its creation in the late 1800s, on Christmas Eve, the French indulge in the Christmas Yule Log which is essentially a sponge cake covered in chocolate buttercream to look like the bark of a log. The presentation of the “Buche de Noël” (Christmas Log) is the focus of the French holiday meal.

Clearly, chocolate has a history of being a part of the holidays. This is that beautiful time of year to indulge. Chocolate is nature’s gift to the world so do receive it with great joy and enjoy it this holiday season. Give the gift that puts a smile on almost anyone’s face and it’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Happy Holidays!