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How the Nations Enjoy Chocolate


How the Nations Enjoy Chocolate

Sandra Abballe

Hello Chocolate Lovers,

Let’s face it – we all love chocolate. Of course there are different degrees of how much we all love chocolate, but this magical, versatile and delicious creation has been around for centuries for a reason. With International Chocolate Day in this month, what better way is there to celebrate than by looking at international love for chocolate?

We of course must address the fact that there is a difference between the countries that produce chocolate and those that get to enjoy the finished product. Countries that produce most of the cocoa needed for this chocolate do not typically engage in its consumption. For instance, Africa produces more than 75% of the world’s cocoa. About 35% of the world’s cocoa can be linked back to the Ivory Coast alone, whereas the whole continent of Africa makes up only 3% of the world’s chocolate consumption.

The chocolate industry is quite a fascinating area to look into. The statistics behind chocolate consumption can actually be very surprising.  


Indulging in chocolate in its finished state is a very Western-dominated area. For example, statistics show that chocolate is North America’s favourite flavour.

It would then stand to reason that North American countries top the charts in chocolate consumption right? Wrong.

European countries actually take the (chocolate) cake on this one. The most recent statistics suggest that European countries consume the most chocolate on a per capita basis. The top chocolate-consuming countries are:

1.     Switzerland

2.     Ireland

3.     United Kingdom

4.     Austria

5.     Belgium

Canada is actually the first non-European country to appear on that list being situated right under Denmark. Canada is ranked number 9 with about 6.4kg of chocolate consumed per capita.  The United States would be ranked 15th on that list.

So when International Chocolate Day rolls around on September 13th, celebrate the best way possible - by indulging in your favourite chocolate. Who knows? You just might move your nation up on that list!