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A Sexy, Chocolate Filled Event!


A Sexy, Chocolate Filled Event!

Sandra Abballe

On Saturday, August 3 Succulent Chocolates took part of 50 Shades of Vain, hosted by The Vanity Events at Berlin Nightclub. It was a sexy fun filled night dedicated to celebrate the uninhibited sexuality of women!  

Succulent Chocolates provided a full chocolate tasting table paired with STLTO / VIP Wines. With the Malbec having aromas of fresh cherries and hints of vanilla, I decided to pair it with a chocolate stick made from 75% Single Origin Chocolate from Tanzanie. I topped the chocolate with dried cherries and caramelized pecans. The cherries helped to accentuate the fruit flavours and the pecans provided a nice balance to the acid.

Single Origin Chocolates are cultivated in limited quantities, harvested exclusively in one country, offering a unique flavour profile. 

I also paired this Malbec with a 65% plantation chocolate from Peru. Plantation chocolate is very rare since all of the cocoa beans are grown and harvested on one farm, called Alto el Sole. This allows the rich, intense flavours of the cacao beans to really shine through. Even though this may be labeled as a 65%, it has the body and intensity of at least 75% +. That's what makes this a perfect pair for rich, full bodied red wines. 

I always like pair white wines with one of our hand painted bonbons. This ensures that the cacao flavour is not too overpowering, allowing the flavours of the wine to still shine through. This Pinot was light and clean with undertones of green apples. It has a slightly floral nose with a touch of fennel and almond. I decided it pair it with Canada's Best Bonbon, the Crunchy Apple. The caramelized apples worked perfectly with the apples flavours, while the salted peanut butter ganache helped to keep a sweet balance. I also paired this wine with our Fennel Seed Bonbon, a flavour from our adventurous bonbon line. Since this wine already has aromas of fennel, this pair was a perfect match. It's always fun to see people's reaction as they indulge in one of the adventurous flavours.They are sceptical at first, but it always ends with a big smile on their face! The ladies loved the fennel seed bonbon with the wine - it was the perfect pair! 



Chef Sandra with Owner of STLTO Wine, Sarah Liberatore


Chef Sandra with our two lucky draw winners of one $75 Basket of Succulent Chocolate Products! 

Chef Sandra sharing her passion for chocolate!