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Sandra Abballe

Well hello there! Welcome to our first blog post. This blog will allow you to peak into the life of Chef Sandra, and see what goes on behind the scenes at Succulent Chocolates and Sweets. It's a way to stay connected and updated on what's new and exciting in your local chocolate factory. No, unfortunately we don't have umpa lumps running around, although they would be helpful when cleaning the kitchen!

We'll also take some time to talk about my favorite thing in the whole world... chocolate! I'll explain to you the history of this amazing substance, where it's grown and how it's actually good for you! 

Did you know.... The Aztecs believed that whoever consumed cocoa beans would gain wisdom, fertility and power - eat up!

All of our chocolates are hand made using couverture chocolate. What is that you ask??  It is chocolate with a high fat content of at least 31% and mainly produced for bakers, pastry chefs and chocolatiers. This means there is at least 31% cocoa butter in dark chocolate, and 31% of cocoa butter and milk fat in milk chocolate. It's the cocoa butter that gives the chocolate an extreme richness and beautiful shine. Unfortunately, our North American society consumes a high amount of, what I like to call "fake chocolate", - compound chocolate. Basically, they've taken out all of cocoa butter, the most expensive part and replaced it with other types of fat. This makes the chocolate easier to work with and of course, cheaper! Fear not... we want to give you the ultimate chocolate experience and that includes pure couverature chocolate and fresh ingredients such as real cream, real butter, real nuts and real fruit! It's crazy that we even have to state that. Why wouldn't you want to eat only real food. Sadly, our food has become so manufactured that we've veered so far we don't know what real is anymore. Bite into one of our fresh bon bons and you'll taste the difference! 

Cocoa Butter is always solid at room temperature. This is the key to keeping chocolate in a solid state. 

Cocoa Butter is always solid at room temperature. This is the key to keeping chocolate in a solid state.