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The World Chocolate Masters... Finals in Paris

Sandra Abballe

Italy's Chocolate Showpiece

Netherlands' Chocolate Showpiece

Australia's Chocolate Showpiece

I was lucky to be selected as on of the chocolatiers from Toronto to be sent to watch the World Chocolate Masters Finals in Paris. A three-day, intense competition between nineteen national chocolate masters. And the winners are:  

1/ Davide Comaschi - Italy
2/ Marike Van Beurden - The Netherlands
3/ Deniz Karaca - Australia

These chefs brought chocolate to a whole new level. The theme is consistent with the preselection; Architecture of Taste. A very broad theme and we saw how it was interpreted in many different ways. Each chef was required to create:

1. Chocolate Showpiece
2. Dipped Praline
3. Chocolate Layered Cake (Entremet) 
4. Gastronomic Chocolate Dessert
5. Moulded Praline (Bonbon)
6. Architect of the World Mini Showpiece  

After competing at the Canadian Preselections in January, I have a deep understanding of the patiences and dedication that goes into a competition at this level. It was an honor to have just been selected to compete at the preselections and a thrill to have won the category of Canada's Best Molded Bonbon. Chef Oiliver Tribut, who won the Canada's Preselection, was there to represent Canada and did a our country proud!! We were also there to support our fellow Torontonian, Chef Sergio Shidomi who was representing Brazil. 

For more pictures and videos from the WCM 2013
Please visit: 

A selection of the Hand Dipped Praline at the WCM Finals 2013

Canada's Chocolate Showpiece 

World Chocolate Masters Finals 2013

During our time in Paris, we had an opportunity to visit some wonderful chocolate & pastry shops. We were lucky to receive a private tour through the Patrick Roger Chocolate Lab. It was wonderful to see the contrast between his hand carved  life-size chocolate sculptures and the delicateness of his hand painted moulded bonbons. A true master of our craft! 

Inside the Chocolate Lab of Patrick Roger

Patrick Roger's Hand Painted Bonbons