Chocolate Pairings

Chocolate and Wine Pairing Experience

Did you know chocolate has over 750 different flavour profiles? Like chocolate, wine comes from different regions around the world further creating multiple unique flavour profiles. Chef Sandra selects the chocolate that best accentuates the bold personalities of the wines selected for the pairing. Guests will receive knowledge of how to pair wine and chocolate from an expert Sommelier and Chocolatier, as well as how the different flavour profiles of the wine compliment the chocolate. Perfect for an intimate group of 12 to a larger crowd of 100.

Sensory Chocolate and Wine Awakenings Experience

We are constantly exposed to different flavours, yet the average person does not know how to properly identify them. In this experience we will provide you with the tools to better understand how our 5 senses impact the flavour of chocolate and wine. Explore the profile of a wine while identifying the colour. Take in the aroma of the origin chocolates and the flavours of the wine. Using scent vials we will explore the multiple scents found in both mediums and how that impacts the flavours we taste. Bite into the artisan chocolates while sipping your wine and feel the textures on your palette. Using texture pads we will explore how those textures will actually feel on your palette. Bringing all of these components together we will better comprehend the unique flavour profiles of chocolate and wine and how they compliment each other. 

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Chocolate Scotch Pairing Experience

Scotch, like chocolate, contains many flavour profiles making it a wonderful flavour compliment to chocolate. We've partnered with Stuart Brown from The Scotch Experience an expert scotch sommelier who has been trained by Master Distillers and Master Blenders at the famed Cardhu Distillery, in Speyside, for Johnnie Walker and the Classic Malts to best pair different types of scotch with the bold personalities of our chocolate. Take in the unique flavours of the different types of scotch and chocolate while learning more about each medium. Also learn how they compliment and contrast each other through the guidance of our experts.  Perfect for intimate groups of 12, to crowds of 100.

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Chocolate and Tea Pairing

Succulent Chocolates has partnered up with Sloane tea to create the ultimate chocolate and tea pairing experience. Tea was discovered about 5000 years ago and to this day remains one of the most popular beverages in the world. Like tea, chocolate was also discovered thousands of years ago. Due to the versatility and different flavour profiles of both chocolate and tea, they are the perfect flavour compliments. The profound flavour profiles of tea and chocolate depend heavily on their places of origin. In this interactive experience, we will explain those origins further as you enjoy our selections of tea and chocolate.  Perfect for intimate groups of 12, to larger groups of 100. 

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