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Chocolate Education

Chocolate Education

The following cocoa documentaries let you explore the source of chocolate.
Acquire full knowledge on cocoa and its delicate, complex transformation into fine chocolate flavours.

Chocolate is not a product; it is the result of a precise process.
Like cooking, it is about combining the right ingredients, allowing them to influence
and elevate each other in order to get the most exquisite chocolate

The secret to a perfect result is patienceknowledge and passion.

Episode 1 - The Meaning of Cocoa

Know cocoa, know your chocolate

Episode 2 - The Origin

Episode 4 - Cocoa Gastronomy

Episode 6 - Cocoa Cultivation

Episode 8 - Fermentation

Episode 10 - Culture

Episode 3 - The Aroma 

Episode 5 - Cocoa Growing

Episode 7 - Post-Harvest

Episode 9 - Cocoa Drying

Episode 11 - Challenges