Hand painted bonbons

All of our bonbons are hand painted and hand made using the finest quality couverature chocolate. At Succulent Chocolates we use 100% fruit, real nuts, 35% cream and butter to create the ultimate flavour impact. 

The Classic Bonbon Line combines flavours that are timeless and that we all already love. Each bonbon is hand sprayed or painted with different cocoa butter colours to achieve a unique look.

Cassis Bonbon - Infused with Black Current Puree 

NEW Classic Dark Chocolate - Made with 70% dark french chocolate

Fresh Lemon Bonbon - Infused with Real Lemon Juice and Zest

Chilli Pepper Bonbon - Infused with real Thai Chilli Paste (made in house) 

Pistachio & Cinnamon Bonbon - Made with Real Pistachio Paste (made in house) 

Earl Grey Tea Bonbon - Infused with Real Loose Leaf Tea

 Hazelnut Bonbon - Infused with Real Hazelnut Paste (made in house)

Salted Caramel Bonbon - Made with the perfect blend of house made caramel with milk chocolate 

Espresso Bean Bonbon - Infused with authentic Italian espresso beans

Coconut Bonbon - With real pieces of coconut inside

Raspberry Bonbon - Infused with Real Raspberries 

Vanilla Bean Bonbon - Infused with Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans

Canada's Best Molded Bon Bon, titled “The Crunchy Apple”, is composed of freshly diced and caramelized apples combined with chopped oven-roasted peanuts. The crunchy layer of the Bon Bon is paired with a creamy salted peanut butter ganache. 

The Crunchy Apple Bonbon

All Bon Bons submitted at the World Chocolate Masters 2013