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Hand Painted Bonbons

A box of our hand painted chocolate bonbons is the perfect gift for any event. Our natural and bold flavours will ensure that one small bite will have a big impact.

Hand Painted Chocolate Bonbons

Give a gift they will enjoy... 

Our chocolate bonbons are hand-painted to create a unique, colourful and glossy finish. Each chocolate can be customized to match the colour theme of your event.

Chocolate favours are available in boxes of 1, 2, 3, 5, and 10. We use clear boxes to allow the artistic are of each chocolate to shine through. Customize the box with your own ribbon and gift tag to enhance your theme. 

Our chocolate confections such as; mint melt aways, clusters, salty choco poporn and more also make for great gifts which are also customizable to enhance the theme of your event.

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